NullRef in ImmutableList.IndexOf

I get the below stacktrace in IndexOf. I believe the offending line is: "if (data[i].Equals(value))"; seems to be that there is a null at index 'i' -- probably should be "if (Equals(data[i], value)...

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Rx.Net ToTask throws TaskCanceledException missing CancellationToken

The method ToTask<TResult>(this IObservable<TResult> observable, CancellationToken cancellationToken, object state) in TaskObservableExtensions calls tcs.TrySetCanceled without passing the Cancella...

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Sample operator has too much locking

The Sample<T> operator takes out a lock when it receives a value and also when it ticks and pumps the sampled value to its observers. This prevents the value from being changed while observers are...

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Topological Order

Hi, Rx could propagate notifications in topological order in order to automatically minimize the amount of notifications/updates. It would brilliantly leverage the knowledge about the observable-...

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Backpressure and Unbounded Queues

The problems of backpressure (fast producer, slow consumer) and unbounded queues in native operators (e.g., Zip, GroupBy, Merge) appear to be solved in a general way in RxJava by incorporating a Pr...

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LocalScheduler work stealing bug

I discovered a bug in the LocalScheduler which is affecting one of our applications. The app makes use of ThreadPoolScheduler and DispatcherScheduler, which both inherit from the LocalScheduler bas...

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NullReferenceException in TestScheduler

Using version with .net 4.5.1. TestScheduler throws a NullReferenceException when using it with multi-threaded access, however this is not in the TestScheduler itself, but the VirtualTim...

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Compiler critical error with RX on windows phone

Compiled with VS 2012, with project type WP 8.0 the following code will fail if debugger is not attached. Somehow, if debugger not attached, compiler optimizations ruins the code inside Crash() -...

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Observable.Generate & Low TimeSpan throws Exception

When TimeSpan.Zero or TimeSpan with a value < 1ms is passed to Observable.Generate a System.StackOverflowException is thrown. Looks like there is an infinite loop or a recursion happening.

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MissingManifestResourceExceptions on Release builds on Windows Phone 8.1 store apps

If you build a Windows Phone 8.1 store app that uses Rx, and you run the Release build on an actual device (not the emulator), you will encounter MissingManifestResourceExceptions in scenarios in w...

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