Support .NET Native

Add support for .NET Native by adding a runtime directive file. This library uses reflection (for instance, the static class QueryableEx). Windows 10 apps (UWP) that use this library and want to co...

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Deadlock between OnComplete & TakeUntil

I have encountered a deadlock in RX in a place I wasn't really expecting, I know RX isn't always naturally thread safe, but I feel here it maybe needs to be. I have a service that exposes a strea...

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[EXTENDED] FOREVERMORE APRIL 1 2015 full episode replay

Watch Forevermore April 1 2015 Full Episode 04-01-2015, Forevermore April 1 2015 Full Episode 04-01-2015 Forevermore April 1 2015 Full Episode 04-01-2015 Forevermore April 1 2015 Full Episode 04-01...

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NullRef in ImmutableList.IndexOf

I get the below stacktrace in IndexOf. I believe the offending line is: "if (data[i].Equals(value))"; seems to be that there is a null at index 'i' -- probably should be "if (Equals(data[i], value)...

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Rx.Net ToTask throws TaskCanceledException missing CancellationToken

The method ToTask<TResult>(this IObservable<TResult> observable, CancellationToken cancellationToken, object state) in TaskObservableExtensions calls tcs.TrySetCanceled without passing the Cancella...

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Sample operator has too much locking

The Sample<T> operator takes out a lock when it receives a value and also when it ticks and pumps the sampled value to its observers. This prevents the value from being changed while observers are...

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Topological Order

Hi, Rx could propagate notifications in topological order in order to automatically minimize the amount of notifications/updates. It would brilliantly leverage the knowledge about the observable-...

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Backpressure and Unbounded Queues

The problems of backpressure (fast producer, slow consumer) and unbounded queues in native operators (e.g., Zip, GroupBy, Merge) appear to be solved in a general way in RxJava by incorporating a Pr...

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LocalScheduler work stealing bug

I discovered a bug in the LocalScheduler which is affecting one of our applications. The app makes use of ThreadPoolScheduler and DispatcherScheduler, which both inherit from the LocalScheduler bas...

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