Windows Phone Runtime(Windpws Phone 8.1 app) support

I hope nuget package support taget platform wpa81.

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NullReferenceException in VirtualTimeScheduler.GetNext()

We are using Rx "2.1.30214.0" with "net40" and got a NullReferenceException on a production machine - all we know is, that the NRE was caught but our recovery attempt failed... ---> (Interne Ausn...

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Buffer extension method may not work correctly with Scheduler when Timespan and interval specified.

I seem to have found a potential issue with the Buffer extension method. I would like to Buffer items coming in on a subject but trigger the Processing of those items either when a batch size is ...

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License of Rx / Ix packages in NuGet might be fixed

The Rx, Ix, and other related packages in NuGet (such as has the link to the license page. However it refers to

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NullReferenceException when using GroupBy

I haven't come up with a repro for this outside of our full system, but I'll be sure to update it when I do. In the mean time, I'll do my best to describe the system and how we get to the point of ...

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Join emits pairs twice

This has come up in RxJava development: Basically, when left and right emit their values in a way that, for example, the right's emission falls betwee...

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rx.lite.js : observableTimerDateAndPeriod is not defined.

When I run timer's subscribe function. The exception has been thrown : "observableTimerDateAndPeriod is not defined.". CODE (index.html:309) Rx.Observable.timer(0,3000).subscribe(function (x) { ...

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Extend Aggregate / Scan Functions to have more than 1 value of history of input and output

Is it possible to have an Aggregate / Scan function overloads which pass in more than 1 item of history for input and output. This would be very useful for Filters and Signal processing.

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Add Rx Design Guidelines to source control

I thought it would be good to add the Rx Design Guidelines document to source control, and maintain it on an ongoing basis. It's proved extremely useful to me on several occasions. Current found ...

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BehaviorSubject not eventually consistent?

I noticed that BehaviorSubject doesn't hold a lock while it sends notifications. I assume this is to avoid some subtle deadlocks, but now there's no mechanism present to prevent notifications from ...

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